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Mainly it is about the wildlife whose existence around our home follows a somewhat predictable pattern from year to year but still manages to be full of surprises with no outcome  guaranteed. Since the first sighting of Flying squirrels in 1993, we have been fascinated by the variety of the wildlife to be observed and studied right here on our half acre. I have chronicled some of that activity for the last few years in a number of different formats. This year the schema will be simply a page or multiple pages for each of the four Seasons. Follow the adventure by selecting each Season from the menu.

At last the Time of cooler days and even cooler nights has arrived following what around here has surely been one of the most dry and difficult hot summers on record. There will be many plants and long enduring ones at that , which will simply not make it . Will be waiting to see how recovery works come next Spring. But now is the time for gold and orange colors, and pumpkins and witches and goblins too. This will be the last entry page of the 2010 Journal year and the end of my yearly journal endeavors . Perhaps next year will try something entirely different but for now do not have a clue as to what that might be So thanks to all of you who have made our journals a stop on your surfing . Enjoy each day of your life to the fullest and rejoice in just how wonderful it really is even with the trials and calamities faced by each of us.







Note: unless otherwise specified ,all media content on these Backyard Wildlife pages were recorded and or photographed by HowPeg   for the purpose of sharing them intact with the web pages as presented. As such they are copyright protected . Permission to use for educational purposes will not be withheld if request include appropriate planned application . Such request can be made via the following link







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