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Mainly it is about the wildlife whose existence around our home follows a somewhat predictable pattern from year to year but still manages to be full of surprises with no outcome  guaranteed. Since the first sighting of Flying squirrels in 1993, we have been fascinated by the variety of the wildlife to be observed and studied right here on our half acre. I have chronicled some of that activity for the last few years in a number of different formats. This year the schema will be simply a page or multiple pages for each of the four Seasons. Follow the adventure by selecting each Season from the menu.

June 1, 2010

And  now the Summer months begin . The only nest encountered this Spring was the ill fated Robin nest which unfortunately did not end happily. It appears that the nest was destroyed and three perhaps four hatchling Robins were savaged by a Hawk just at the time normal fledgling should have occurred. So on to happier notes as the nightly Flying Squirrel visitors continue to show up for the peanut butter and sunflower hearts I place there each evening.





June 8 2010

Typical Early Summer as far as the critters go. The usual visitors continue to show up daily.


It appears this Gray Squirrel has a itch right there on its belly



The hummers are becoming more plentiful and now a dominate male has begun to guard the feeders from the other hummers. not very neighborly .


Summertime and the Living is   --  well, it depends I reckon. Perhaps for this Robin looking for a worm.



There were nine flyers on the tree this night, here pictured are four





June 10, 2010

Now with true Summer still 11 or so days away, the summer full foliage greenery is at the maximum. This Summer may well be a scorcher if June is to be a harbinger. Many 90 degree days have already been seen and the forecast is for many many more. So we will enjoy the perfect time while we can.


Grackle sings on the Cable

click on the picture for the quick time movie


June 11, 2010

A busy day at the bird feeders.



June 11, 2010


June 11, 2010

A rare sight indeed. This Robin consistently hits the Seed Cakes  even in the summer when the world is full of worms and insects.

June 11, 2010

Each evening these hummingbirds frequent the feeder right up to maximum darkness.


June 11, 2010

And of course this curious chipmunk watching me intently and exploring a den in the trunk of this tree.




June 23,  2010

This has turned out to be one of the hottest June months with continuing temperatures in the 90's.  Yet the furred and feathered ones perceiver and night after night the flyers come back for the nightly feast and by day the variety of  birds having at the suet cakes is amazing.









June 25,  2010

One hot summer afternoon




June 27,  2010

June 2010 is nearly history as this hot muggy weather continues here in the Midwest

Today I temporarily relocated  the hummingbird feeders from the patio to farther out into the yard to clear the deck , so to speak , for some power washing maintenance. It was interesting to watch the hummers coming to the usual place and flitting back and forth in the area where the feeders were. It took them a bit to discover the feeders at the new location but in a very short time the new location had become the norm. I then decided to sit near the feeders in the early afternoon and just wait for the next photo op.








June 30,  2010

The last day of the hottest June on record here in Louisville Kentucky. 

The wild life on the last day. Note for July I will start a new page







This fledgling sparrow looked to me as if its first flight was a bummer. When I first spotted it darkness was already in full degree. The little one was in this corner junction of a step and the exterior wall of the house and it was just quivering there. I donned a pair of plastic medical gloves and trapped it in my hands. I placed it up high on one of the bird feeders and it sat there for a minute, then flew off into the darkness toward the fence and several trees and plants. Since it flew pretty  good, I am assuming that it recovered and made it through the night. Hope so any way. Good way to end the hottest month.


Note: unless otherwise specified ,all media content on these Backyard Wildlife pages were recorded and or photographed by HowPeg   for the purpose of sharing them intact with the web pages as presented. As such they are copyright protected . Permission to use for educational purposes will not be withheld if request include appropriate planned application . Such request can be made via the following link


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