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Mainly it is about the wildlife whose existence around our home follows a somewhat predictable pattern from year to year but still manages to be full of surprises with no outcome  guaranteed. Since the first sighting of Flying squirrels in 1993, we have been fascinated by the variety of the wildlife to be observed and studied right here on our half acre. I have chronicled some of that activity for the last few years in a number of different formats. This year the schema will be simply a page or multiple pages for each of the four Seasons. Follow the adventure by selecting each Season from the menu.

July 1, 2010

The first half of this year is now already history and there has been an abundance of bad news to mar and worry the minds and hearts of we human kind. From the massive oil disaster in the Gulf , the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the continuing conflict with Iran and North Korea to the continuing financial malaise throughout the planet  not to mention the disasters from natural causes , there is much on homo sapiens plate.  We are but one species with problems and each of our co-inhabitors of this planet earth , has  difficulties as well in their daily existence. But here on these pages are depicted for the most part just rose colored glimpses into the real dramas each of these fellow travelers live.


The Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Happy and Content but come October will make a non stop flight across the Gulf of Mexico to the wintering grounds in Central America


The Southern Flying Squirrel

Watch out for the Owls



The Vole lives beneath the bird feeders and makes quick trips to plunder the morsels from above quickly retreating to the array of underground tunnels. To escape the birds of prey and neighborhood cats who roam free , all too often





July 4, 2010

A day for celebration in the United States of America.



This Hummer flies in to join in his own celebration.




Each evening the Flying Squirrels meet me at the tree at the far end of the patio. They get a handful of sunflower hearts and two or three peanut butter clumps. The little male is the first one to show up each evening but is soon joined by several of his buds.




The Feeder tree










It is now mid July and like most of the country it is continuing to be a very hot one. The wildlife seems to be weathering it pretty well though.


The Dove is a seed eater and never seems to go for the suet cakes.


This young Nuthatch goes after the suet cake


It has been a very active Summer for the Grackles who show up in mass to devour the suet cakes


July 18, 2010





July 19, 2010

This little Wren was sounding off mightily just at the time I was changing the hummingbird sweet water. Had camera at the ready and got this happy song. Click on the picture below for the Song of the Wren. (Quick Time)




July 27, 2010

July is coming to a close and the days are again growing shorter. The Goldfinches are back , the Grackle numbers are diminishing and  the flying squirrels are becoming less frequent at the feeder .

A few late July visitors






This Robin , a frequent visitor to the seed cakes seems pretty happy. Caught it singing a bit right on the feeder. Click here for the Quick Time Movie.

This Gray Squirrel is the July 2010 goodbye picture.




Note: unless otherwise specified ,all media content on these Backyard Wildlife pages were recorded and or photographed by HowPeg   for the purpose of sharing them intact with the web pages as presented. As such they are copyright protected . Permission to use for educational purposes will not be withheld if request include appropriate planned application . Such request can be made via the following link


Winter  Spring  Summer  Autumn